ISTD Submission

Photographing the final piece of work to send to ISTD made me realise how much work I had actually done to a standard that I feel proud of. The images of the final pulication really show it off in the best light.
Reflecting on the process of entering ISTD, I think it was really worthwhile. The attention to detail that was necessary really made me think about the level of detail I have included in other projects and the amount of detail I will add to my FMP if I create any type of printed media.

Some of the final images:

Overall I am really proud of the publication that I have submitted and I think it showcases a different approach to typographic experiment that is in line with my personal style. I hope that this differing form the expected typographic experimentation will be liked by the judges/ assessors but more importantly I have created a piece of work that will look amazing in my portfolio. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming fully submerged in a project and thinking primarily about typography which I havent before, but at the same time thinking about the concept at the same time.

Your Medicines Your Health

Today we re-presented our solutions for the brief given to us during the client brief project earlier this year to the All Wales clinical coordinating group, including the head of pharmacy Wales aswell as other heads of the pharmaceutical industry. I found the experience quite daunting but really valuable, practicing presenting infront of any one is good but especially to people outside of the creative industries and people who had no previous knowledge of the project. I was nervous so I think I could have done better at explaining the concept but the feedback that we got was all very positive and the members of the meeting were impressed with our range of different ideas. And Alison suggested that she would contact us if any of the different members of the meeting would lke to take any of the aspects of any of the groups projects forward and develop them further.

Penguin Development

final design 1final design 2

After the tutorial I began to work on making the design more cohesive and work better together, I did this by carrying over some of the planets to the back cover, I did this with some of the secondary characters and left Augusts family on the front. I also changed the title style so that it had more visual similarity to the bubbles on the back cover. I think it works better overall as a cover. Making the planets smaller has really helped with the composition of the cover, it allows more negative space between the planets like they would have space to move around each other and orbit the sun. Making the back ground slightly darker has allowed the colours of the planets to pop off of the cover a bit more which emphasises the textures of each individual character and planet.

Competitions Feedback

Learning journal – good, consistent inside into process and development and a strong visual language in sketchbook. Strong exploration of initial ideas, showing the development of ideas and how I got to lost authenticity of communication.

The outcome has potential to be a good representation of the concept. The letter section could use handwriting to improve hierarchy – could look at the study of handwritten as a subject of the content. Scanned handwriting, authentic handwriting – different styles – use this for pull out quotes?

Stronger intro article to the publication – what authenticity is, in a more academic manner. what authenticity means and how could the core concepts be pulled through the rest of the document.

Stronger hierarchy – look at previous winners. Push this level of detail as this is what the judges will be looking for and it will improve the overall success of the publication. Look at other examples of ISTD submissions and fine art work – rule breaking Sophie Calle.

How will I create one cohesive publication? Look at the book “the form book” use this for inspiriation. More contextual and visual research on how to tie the documents together. Clear responses to the formative feedback.

I agree with what was said in my feedback and already knew that these were the things I had to work on from my own reflections of where the project was at the end of last term. Looking at the project with fresh eyes has allowed me to realise this even more. I will look for more content and context to make the whole publication more cohesive and informed, this will help someone who has no knowledge of the project understand. I also need to work on the hierarchy throughout the document, its starting to work in the typewriter section but I need to come up with solutions in the fax and letter sections, this will be difficult as each section is so different and might need different and specialised treatment. I am happy with the feedback I have received as I worked really hard on this project so its a relief to see that it has paid off.

Penguin Final Tutorials

During the final tutorial of the penguin project it was discussed that the elements were taking up too much of the cover, almost as through I was trying to fill the space, this makes sense as ther isn’t much negative or empty space within the cover. It was also suggested that there needs to be a more obvious visual coherence between the front and the back cover, this could be improved by bringing the cut out type from the back cover onto the front. This would create more of a relationship between the two sides. This is evident in the former winners of the competition.

Since the last tutorial I had added more of the textured planets labelled with the names of the characters to create a solar system that depicts August’s life and how the characters in the book move around and interact with him. The different textures represent each characters individuality and difference. The position of the planets and their size relates to the characters position within the story and the importance of them to August.

The texture and more analogue style of the cover mixed with the digital cutting out of the shapes gives the cover a sense of personality and individuality that August represents.

Penguin Initial Tutorial

I chose to create a cover for the book “wonder” by RJ Palacio. I chose this book as I wanted to create something moe cheerful and uplifiting.

I thought about some of the main themes in the book and found that one was school and beginning school as this is what kicks off the whole story.

Another prominent theme in the book is August’s love for science, the film also describes how Auggies sister feels like he is the sun and the rest of the family are planets orbiting him. This is something I used in the next two covers. One shows the planets in the solar system, each with a different texture, hanging in a mobile style from the title. the second is a collection of 4 planets that reprint the family members. this concept could be pushed further but using the textured planets.

After the tutorial I realised that the schoolbook idea might be too predictable and cliche. The idea of the planets orbiting the sun was much better, however I need to decide what I want to communicate about the story through the cover.
I think I want to say that it is alright to stand out from others and be different. and that others should embrace and accept difference not be afraid of it. I want to still use the hand rendered type or the textures of the planets in the hanging planets cover. But I need to figure out a way to make sure there is a balance between digital and more tangible methods.

Moving on I think I will try and combine the two planetary ideas.

Letter Section

Thinking about the letter section I found articles that mainly focused on the positive aspects of writing letters and why we should continue to write them. Thinking about this and the sentimental value of letters to me I found out some of the cards and letters my family had sent in my first year of uni. 
One in particular from my Grandma stood out as having particular value due to the style of handwriting and the post card it was written on. I wanted to include these into the document as an image, I thought that it would break up the body copy and illustrate what I feel is important about taking the time to write letters.

I have chosen to include some of my handwriting, to get the nature of handwriting letters across through the format of the piece. I think the personal link throughout the document helps to convey the idea that letters can show emotions more easily and show the writers personality. I have chosen the dimensions to be the same size as the card that she sent me. Including the envolope was a decision to try and create a tangible outtcome that looks like it as been handled and treasured. 

I have set the type left aligned as this is closest to the format of natural writing. It is less formal and uniform like handwriting is. Unlike the other sections where communications become more uniformed and mechanically driven. 

Fax Section Development 2/2

To develop the fax section and improve the pace of the piece overall I have added the full black page with highlighted quotes and done the reverse of this on the next page to keep some continuity whilst still being diffeient enough to keep the reader interested. I think this has improved the document, however I will have to make sure that when I add more content into the document I don’t lose this pace. 
During the end of project presentations it ws said that the orientation of the pages and the way they pull out from each other isn’t authentic to fax machines. 

I have tried to turn some of the elements around to make a scroll like document that would open vertically instead of horozontally, however I am not sure if or how this will fold or work. Another option would be to have the page landscape and some of the elements in portrait. 

I think the most effective way will to be have an a4 portrait that folds out vertically with a concertina fold.

Formative Feedback

Feed back from final presentations

I need to think about how the 3 separate documents would come  together. Look at office techniques for binding documents.

Sense of hierarchy needs to be much stronger – use of pull out quotes and so on.

There might be too much white space in the document. Use thisto create better hierarchy.
– I agree with this but was struggling to find theright balance of text to white space but improving the hierarchy should helpwith this, I am also working in a5 which I haven’t done much of so workingharder to develop this skill will help me with future projects too.

Some of the paper used in the typewriter section is notauthentic – you would not type on lined paper – look into office and businessstationary and different grades of paper.
– I think value also comes from the materials usedin such hand crafts so maybe a good quality cartridge paper – off white maybe.But I do want to keep the tracing paper in the document because that is aconscious decision that improves the pace and flow of the document.

The first quote in letter section isn’t working on its side?How can this be changed to improve the hierarchal order. Consider turning thepostcard too – but justify why it’s on its side – it lays out the reason forthe documents size.
-I agree with this but with the different thing Itried this looked the best and it fits with the whole document, but it doesneed reconsidering and maybe doing in a different way.

The fax section is not authentic as it doesn’t appear as aroll like old fax machines did. So think about turning either the quotes or thetype but keep some variation to help with the pace. The slip on the bottom alsoneeds to be on the bottom of the a4 not just on the side.
– I do sort of agree with this however I wasn’tsure how this would affect the legibility of the whole document so this issomething that I will experiment with.

The whole thing needs more content. What could this be? More articles or my own opinion on the loss of these technologies. And what I think about it all. There could be inserts or something in a different voice to that of the articles.  I need to go back to the faxed book and find more content about this. And find something to further support the idea that fax was the end of the manual methods of communication.

The order of the document could be reversed so it goes back in time which might make more sense as it is a retrospective reflection on the changing technologies over the years. If I did do this I think I would have to make it clear in the strategy why I had done this.

Fax section development 1/2

The content I have used for this part of the document is from the book Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine by Jonathan Coppersmith. The book goes through the stages of development of the fax machine and its decline. I have selected parts from it that I think illustrate its advantages and disadvantages.

This is the first draft of the fax section. I have created the textuerd sections using charcoal, I though that this looked like when an old fashioned fax machine with thermal paper in deteriorated or if there was an error there would often be blackd out pages. 

I wanted to have the fax section in continuous paper so used a concertina fold, this is to replicate the rolls of paper used. However, with the current layout it doesn’t work that well, the pages are all to similar and there is not enough difference in the layout. This is something I need to try and balance with the format of fax’s and try and find a way to break out of this format without it becoming to unorganised.

The idea is that the quoes would become more blacked out the further on into the piece as with time thermal paper deteriorates and the message becomes unclear. I think I will try and use this more as it was an integral part of faxing and is part of the visual language.

The typeface I have used is LucidaFax, which was designed for printing at low resolutions and again I have used it because it is part of the visual language of fax. 

Moving on I need to try and think about ways to change the pace and keep the piece interesting. I think I will try and do this by adding images, full page quotes and full black pages so the reader has some time to rest and is not only always looking at text. I also need to add more content to the pther sections and start creating some work for them.