Visiting the final years summer show was really insightful, the way the space had been used was really interesting and complimented the contemporary work wonderfully. I really enjoyed seeing the variety of work on show and the range of projects /styles/ outcomes actually surprised me as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a graphics exhibition.

I liked this work due the how slick and clean the design of both the poster and accompanying booklet, I think both were considered and carried out with real care and attention to detail. The work illustrates the stages of genocide and i think works really well at communicating a difficult subject. the limited colour palette works really well I think and adds to the visual strength of the piece.


This work really intrigued me as it explores the differences and similarities of more traditional visual communication techniques (screen print) and more digital ways of working, the posters are what first caught my eye and the video accompanying the posters was really interesting to watch and showed the process of creating the work which i think is a really interesting thing to show an audience as it can be the most important part of a piece but the viewer rarely gets to see it.


I really liked the idea behind this piece and thought it was really clever, it has also been completed to a high standard and really looks as though it could be part of a new campaign to raise awareness of the subject. The bright yellow against the white really works and having a cut out of the instagram filter makes it feel like this campaign is something that could travel around colleges/ sixth forms and you can see people taking photos with it and really engaging with the idea. The concept fits perfectly within its target audience and the addition of the buzzfeed element feels really contemporary and like it could be applied to the real world straight away, I think this project has really done a fabulous job on creating awareness for a difficult subject.

Typography Experiments

I started with experiments for the article about Trump but decided I didn’t want to choose that article. I used biro, tipex pen and highlighter in these tests;

After trying with that article i moved to the Silicon Valley one, using highlighters, markers, pen, graphite stick, paint and tip ex pen again.

20170415_16415420170415_164156The above experiments are quite similar one uses a highlighter pen the other a graphite stick, I have enhanced the images in photoshop. I decided “curing age” was a catchier headline that the full title.  I like the scratchy and rushed look of the type but I am not sure if it works with the context and content.

20170420_150837 20170427_133200 20170427_13321120170427_13321420170427_133144 20170427_13314820170427_133155 20170427_133137

I moved onto using fine liners here and a different style of type, also looking at some imagery of cells and scientific things.

20170427_133243 20170427_133248 20170427_133220

Sticking with the same style of lettering but using a roller and paint to add in some texture in the background. The roller creates a kind of speckled skin like texture that relates to the article.

20170427_133232 20170427_133257

Another thing I tried were board markers, i like the thick lines they create but the style could be a bit too conventional but this style is something id like to explore a little more with the quotes and facts I’m going to pull out of the article.

Design As Activism Exhibition

As a part of the Animation, Graphic communication and Illustration Hub Field 4 exhibition

We hung the 4 posters one group member had designed and the GIF story board  I had made along with the animation on a large screen to the side of the display boards. It took a while to make sure everything was level but in the end I think our display looks good and you can definitely see the relationship between the ephemera and the animation.

The work we showed for the Luis Cicero project is also ben shown in the Field 4 Animation, Graphic Communication and Illustration Hub exhibition. We had to set it up a little differently obviously as its in a different place then when we presented it before. We wanted to keep the same sort of sense of entering the space to view the exhibition so we used the easels again to bring the display to a curve so you have to come into the space however we had much less space to play with.

We altered the height of the easels so they would fill the white space beside the podium for the monitor which shows the animated map.

At the opening of the show I got to see some of my peers work not only from graphics but illustration and animation and I liked the Dyslexia awareness from graphics and the illustrations in one of the pieces laid on the table.

Design as Activism reflection/ review

Overall I have enjoyed the module, what I found most interesting was learning about aftereffects and the challenges involved in creating an animation. It was also quite interesting to work  in a group of people I hadn’t before and although we had some challenges with work load and the group members right at the beginning of the project I think it has been really valuable to experience working in a group to get to the same end point when all members have different ideas and ways of working. Throughout the project the idea of the different bits of the project coming together and looking like they matched became very important and we worked quite hard in trying to make sure there was consistency between printed and digital ephemera as well as the animation but also within the animation as we all worked on it separately.

I think if we had more time to regroup and really push the animation we would have created a much more polished version of the animation. I would have also like to have tried to create more life animation of the character using rigging technologies as I think that would have been an interesting skill to learn however given the time frame and my own level of skill it would have been hard to produced a finished animation if I had used this method, it would have als meant the other group members would have had to have some understanding of this as well.

Some of the frustrating parts of the project was the complications of after effects and trying to collate our work and making sure it was all of a similar standard. However we were all happy with the outcome in the end.

Rendering the Final Animation

After having to download the correct file to be able to render my section of the animation in the same format of the other members in the group and making sure everything is right I have finally finished my section –

Callum put the sections together and added the voice over clips ensuring the final animation all fitted together smoothly.

Working as we did all on separate devices and in different places proved a little problematic when it came to getting all the files together and it probably would have been easier when it came to collecting the files but as David was out of the country for a week we didn’t really have a choice but I think we managed ok.

Final animation:

I think the end result could be improved on in terms of refinement of movements and transitions but I think the message we were trying to communicate come across well. Learning to use After Effects has been tricky but it meant using tutorials and support from peers and using trial and error to get through the trickier parts. During the project my Illustrator skills have really improved and I have started to enjoy designing on screen which I hadn’t previously.

In terms of working in a group I think me and Callum were the driving force with ideas and getting the work done as David joined the group later he added ideas and input to what we had already started, I think the workload was shared out quite equally but as David was away for a week it was hard to see what progress we had made as a collective. I have realised that working in a group at this stage isn’t about making an impressive animation but figuring out where each member fits and whose skills are stronger for what tasks.


I’ve made the simple GIF using the character from the animation and the NSPCC logo that features at the end of the animation and our tag line “shine a light on cyberbullying”, the sign she is holding moves from side to side and would loop to make it look like she is waving the sign. I could try and develop the gif further but with the time constraints I think it would be better to spend more time putting the animation together. I could make the movements more obvious or add in some of the background detail.storyboard

I improved in the GIF that I had made to make sure it was high quality as the previous one was slightly fuzzy and I’ve added a sort of bopping movement just to add more motion and make it more interesting. When the video loops it will look like the figure is waving the sign around.

After discussion we decided to change the GIF and focus on the computer screen motif instead of the character.

The GIF features the computer screen used in the animation filling with cyberbullying messages. The block button then appears whilst the messages fade out.


Group work

Although we split up the animation into three parts so each of us would have one section each there has been some problems with completing the work, I have had to finish off bits that David hasn’t in order for the animation to work as a whole, there has also been problems in terms of sharing files for example I was given the after effects file but not the supporting illustrations so some of the bits are missing and as the group member wasn’t in the studio it led to a lot of faffing around and half complete sections.


Animation of computer screen

I started with the desk scene me and David had created and to make it look like I had zoomed to the scene I increased the scale of the image but this made it a little blurry so I need to ask Matt about this and if there’s anything I can do about this. I then had the file of just the screen which I made appear after the zooming motion to make it clearer.


I created the arrow in illustrator to make sure it was in keeping with the style of the rest of the animation.2

I made the block button and the arrow pulse so it looks like they are being clicked, I also added the mouse click sound effect found on the site. I think I will try to find some kind of wooshing or falling noise to add into the falling scenes.

After a tutorial with Neil and Pete we managed to get the illustrations to be less blurry. I also added in the girls head when shes clicking the block button after chatting with David R.


To incorporate this scene into the animation I added the sequence of the light coming on to illuminate the situation that Callum had made, however I’m not sure if it fully matches the style of the rest of the animation but we will have to wait and see when the whole thing is put together to see whether or not it looks right.

The light fades out and the computer scene fades in to show the scene and then the above animation happens.