Touch to sound workshop

The workshop showed how we can create narrative with sounds from a touchboard device that links to conductive materials. We chose to audio – ise the process of making a cup of  tea. We created a tin foil teacup, tea spoon and tea bag. Using sounds found from the internet. It was really interesting to see how sound and touch can be linked, it made a difference to the experience of hearing and seeing the same narrative.

It was really interesting to use the Touchboard technology and the relative simplicity of if made it enjoyable. I think that it will have a place in my projects as there is a really strong aesthetic of makeshift type work with the potential to use found objects.


Logo development

One visualisation that i showed during my presentation has a typo in it which I didn’t recognise because of my dyslexia, despite having a spell check programme on my laptop. The tutor pointed out that dyslexia isn’t an excuse (I wasn’t trying to use it as one) however if the spell check programme failed there’s not much else I can do other than get someone to check but this can be difficult when I’m working alone. Its also really difficult for me to actually recognise if something doesn’t look right. So going forward I need  to make sure there are things in place so this doesnt happen.redefine not redesign blackredefine not redesign red and black

After the presentation I know I need to somehow communicate with imagery the whole concept of the ‘rebrand’ of the building and space as now it looks like an empty building. It needs filling with something

colour and box logos1red inside logo+red with black under logo


logo development 1


version 2

I have decided to change the way I will write the name as a peer pointed out that it looked shouty and similar to a protest banner. I think having it in lowercase changes the tone and also how people will say it. I think it makes more sense to put the pause in with the comma otherwise its quite a vague statement. tone

lower case.jpg

Comparing this with the uppercase version, it doesn’t work as well so I’m going to carry on tweaking to see if that will make a difference. I tried the regular font not condensed like the above but it still isn’t working.

lower case reg.jpg

White text versions lower case whitelower case white condensehigher case white

I was getting stuck with this so I deleted some of the shapes and carried on working with the most interesting ones

simpler logo 1simple logo 2

The three below are my favourite so far as I think the colours work really well together and are picked form the images initially but the red has been brightened so it packs more of a punch.

simple grey.jpg

Simple simple.jpg

red text grey box bottom.jpg

This is the most successful variation of these types of logo just for the simplicity however I don’t know if the legibility is affected. But I think it does illustrate the redefinition of a space as its escaping the borders. I think they could work well as a set too which could be an interesting route.

version 5

version 6.jpg

basketball logo.jpg

basketball logo1.jpg

After coming back to the different designs I have decided to go with a trio of designs using the same shapes and colours, I think the visual style of the logos is strong enough to work in the three different versions. However I am open to this changing as I go on to designing the different elements of the project.

3 grey and red.jpg

Highpoint, redefine not redesign (theoretical)

The brand I am creating is an organization that works out of the abandoned former home of the Yorkshire Building society. Working out of one of Bradford’s most iconic derelict buildings the organization will work with communities around the bradford area offering free financial and family advice whilst making sure one of the most prominent buildings of the city scape is not left to ruin like so many others.


Branding Research

What does a building society do ?

A building society is a financial organization owned by its members, they offer banking and other financial things such as savings and mortgages.  Mainly to provide home mortgages to its members. The members vote for policies and directors, they can also offer credit cards and current accounts.

In the 1700s the first building society was formed in a pub in Birmingham, they stopped being building societies when all of the members had been housed. They were only in the midlands and the north of England. Was known as friendly societies, at one point over 1700 societies were in existence (1910).

History of the Yorkshire Building Society (from their website)

1871 – two luxury items are purchased for the office in the Royal Hotel in Dewsbury (an umbrella and rug)

1885 – Bradford Self Help Permanent Building Society is established in St Georges Hall Coffee Tavern – a social place like the one in Birmingham was established in a pub
The office moves to Queen Anne Chambers

1982 – The Huddersfield & Bradford had merged which then merged with the West Yorkshire to create the Yorkshire Building Society.

The headquarters moved to a purpose built premises outside of the town centre.

What financial help is there out there already in Bradford?

CAN – one of the existing organisations to offer what would be offered in the Highpoint building. Commutity advice network

The empty building problem grows in Bradford as over 3000 business buildings lie empty. (telegraph and argus) So I would want to make a point of the fact that the building would no longer be vacant and that something positive would be happening there.



Tutorial 12/10

Look at the buildings use – social links to the actual building not just the movement

Redesign the building ? what could it be   REDEFINE not redesign

Empty buildings and wasted space – the decline of business in the town centre and in general – why did the building society close? how could the brand give options and opportunities what are the possibilities for people and the future

Younger minds – what would they think and how would this change how adults view the building – let’s redefine something let’s have components of the past to redefine the future 

Re humanise an environment, what does it do the space/ place / building when human kind is added back into it.

/ look at already existing community schemes, who are they aiming at and who am i aiming at – is there a culture of reusing old buildings in Bradford and who are these people. What did people go to building societies for – what advice and what services were offered there.

Highpoint Visualisations

first idea screen print.jpg

Using the pen tool I have created this digital screen print of the Highpoint building in bradford. It does need refining and working on more but i really like the image but to be used as a logo I think it would maybe have to be more of a silhouette to work at a smaller size as i think there is too much detail in it as it is.

honesst 1

I looked at some of the words that have been used to define brutalist architecture and honest is the one that stuck with me, here i was just experimenting with cutting up the letters, it still needs a lot of work but I like the direction it’s taking.

marquesmarques 2marque 3

These are the few hand drawn marques using the outline of the building and simplifying  the building into the shapes that I could see, I like these but they need more work and refinement.

A digital version and variations of the marque

outline from image 1 (together )

OUTLINE 1 from drawing

outline from image 1 (separate)

This spread out version of the marque is looking more like something I would want the final marque to look like, I need to start looking for typefaces or creating some lettering to accompany it. I also want to try and incorporate the red colour used on the windows of the building as this is one of the features of brutalist architecture and i want to hark back to this throughout the visuals.