Digital Me process

I wanted my CV to represent the way I like to work and a little bit about who I am as a person. I tried to achieve this initially by adding the different textures to the background of the CV but I didn’t think that it looked enough like a CV.  I have included elements of handwritten type to try to communicate my personality woodchip

Keeping the newsprint background but making the handwritten type red added more personality to the document. cv newsprint printcv newsprint

I added a white bored to encapsulate the newsprint, this allowed me to add the two black lines in going across the white and the newsprint adding depth to the CV. As well as this I added the ‘get in touch’ in my handwriting to try and communicate the laid back element to my personality. finished CV 1

I have used the same layout and style in my portfolio document with the same typeface and colour scheme.


Pl{us} exhibition

I really liked the designed dissertations, I thought the smaller square ones looked really goo and had a really nice professional quality to them. I liked the fact that people were able to showcase their design and academic skills. However we noticed that some of them contained spelling mistakes so that is helpful for us to make sure that the whole document is proof read properly if we want it to be completely professional.

I think overall the work in the exhibition was really good and the topics that people had chosen were really interesting. I really liked the fact that current social and political issues were tackled it made the whole exhibition feel very contemporary. The promotional material was beautifully designed too which added to the experience of the exhibition and made it feel really real.

I liked Katherine Crean’s work about abortion laws and sexual assault. I thought the bright colours and expressive typography were really arresting and the hung scrolls really worked well within the space, it stood out really nicely in the room. I also liked the accompanying books to see the work in more detail.  I thought the work was a really good comment on the state of the subject that is really current and an issue worth being talked about.

I also liked the work about the Labour Party and thought it was a humorous spin on quite a stuffy subject and it worked really well.

I think the exhibition this year has been really successful and was the nicest out of the rest of the degree shows that i viewed in terms of its branding, set up and the standard of work in it was really high.

ADZ5888 Reflective Writing

I have developed my hand rendered techniques further during the ‘cut and paste’ module, it helped me to become more free and less constrained as most of the work done by hand has a much rougher look and feel to it. This made a big change from some of the work done during subject where elements are confined to grid systems to improve legibility and so on. Working practically allowed me to really get stuck into the work which was a welcome break from working primarily on technology. The small one a day collages we created helped to improve productivity, the larger collages that explain a narrative allowed me to run with a story and explain it only visually which is a skill that is important in graphic design work too. Building this skill has proved helpful in the latest persuasion project which creating ephemera that will intrigue people was key. The mostly visual aspect of collaging has helped me with my subject work in terms pf layouts and spatial awareness. Collaging has freed me up some what in experimenting more with layouts especially within the design of my portfolio.

Texture plays a big part in collaging, this is something I have tried to use more in my work now. I think this can bring work to life and add an extra layer to work that is hard to create purely through digital techniques.

The second module of ‘urban sketching’ was also a hands on module using practical skills to produce drawings centred around the theme ‘my Cardiff’ I chose to focus mainly on smaller details of elements of ‘my Cardiff’. The drawing and documentation of the weekly drawing log encouraged me to keep a track of my work and also helped me to realise when I wasn’t doing enough. I enjoyed the module and the freedom it provided much like ‘cut and paste’ t allowed me to be completely creative. I also enjoyed taking the drawings I had created into technology and beginning to edit it this way.

In future more self directed projects I want to add more of this creative work as during the live client brief this year it wasn’t appropriate for the project to do so. I think this way of working is more true to the kind of designer I want to be so developing these skills would prove beneficial to the progression of my personal practice.

John and Jane Portfolio workshop 21/05/2018


  1. Think of yourself as a brand
  2. Sell your work better
  3. A more focussed career/ future

Your brand (worksheet)


  • Your brand is so important – don’t just skip over the type of designer you are, personality and a bit about yourself.
  • Consider the order of the projects in portfolio, strongest first or most relevant work first.
  • Make the most of best projects – context and make the project bigger than it was
  • Eliminate the weak work
  • Ask yourself, why would anyone want to hire you? What is the selling point, specific skills from you.

Marques/ logos should represent you and your style and what you stand for.

  • Consider the branding and what it shows, identity should be shown in the marque.

Start thinking which companies would I like to work for – put something together that catches their attention – why yourself and the company/studio would be a good match.

Ask yourself- what are your values, do something different give clients something they were not expecting

Show some process, people want to see things – Try to tell a story with this?




Zenith Media Visit

The visit to Zenith media was really informative, getting to see how our work wouold be printed commercially.

Allen Phillips showed us around the print warehouses, and told us printing is always done in multiples of 4 whchh was new information to me.

He showed us the aluminium plates that each colours prints are etched into.

We saw how shiny componants are addied by ‘spot UV varnishh creating shine and matt effects using a silk screen, similar to the process of screen printing. 20180516_112202

It was interesting to find out that the printers are the ones that add the barcodes to prducts, as I had always thought it was the job of the people producing the work.

It was interesting to find out that there are different types of white paper sch as blu, grey, yellow hues and that each piece of paper has individual characteristics that can effect the way things are printed.


Can be glued, saddle bound (staples) wire bound.
Perfect binding involves perforating the fold lines to allow the air to escape so when staples are added the product is smoothand not lumpy.
Flat binding for more pages which just uses glue.


Lamination for finishing covers can add shine, soft touch matt or gloss, which is stored on a roll and then applied to the cover.

Embossing – using an older machine to create  textured effect from a metal form that effects the surface of the paper/card. Embossing can be used with foiling and spot UV varnish to add another effect.


Spot UV varnish and embossing together:


The large scale Lithograph printers that use different aluminium sheets for each colour allows high quantities of products to be produced. The machines haf one ‘hump’ per colour which is never changed, varnish can also be applied here. During printing powder is added to stop the sheets sticking together with wet ink.


Lithograph printing is usually for larger quantities of work up to B1 size

Digital printng is for smaller quantities of documents, but an also do large scale things like signage for vans, cars and buildings. It produces work of the same quality but scaled down.


Tutorial 17.05.2018

Tutorial with Neil 17.05.2018

Thursday – review – bring all second year work to ian to discuss it, also the last day of teaching

Submission is the 5th June – all digital me stuff – online presence, digital portfolio, CV, covering email.

Process document – with all digital me stuff

PDF of all work

  • ADD to branding Process development the improvements
  • Do process document for Persuasion
  • Do process docc for book cover

recognise future facing design. About self awareness, understand what you are, what we have to contribute and effect the world with.


How college sparked the social issues aspect and the hand made work and using found materials to create things. Has to show something there about me, how I see myself fitting into a design team that I am contacting, how I see us working together, how this will inform the covering email. Why I want to work with them, conversation about how I am and how that will work with them in their company. Knowing that the CV will always change on who you are communicating wit, employers only employ humans.

Portfolio pdf online

Will also change, not going to send the same portfolio to everyone, also as you become a more experienced designer things might change too, varying in style and what is important to me as a person and designer.

For next Thursday = revisited feedback on each project and done improvements. All 2nd year work in one portfolio AND research and development doc for all subject project.

4 RandD docc (digital me RandD with online presence and everything else)

1 massive portfolio with all outcomes from this year  show these for review.

Identify one project for exhibition

A WEEK to respond to all the feedback

Branding Improvements

Using the two weaker poster designs I have created a stronger design, this means I will have a collection of three stronger posters as apposed to the set of four.


improvement poster 1.jpg

Ths last design has more impact and although isn’t too similar to the others however it does still have the same visual style without becoming repetitive.

To improve the exhibition space mock up I have changed the floor markings to make them inkeeping with the visual style


Moving onto the animation I have added more movement to it as it looked static in comparrison to the energy that the rest of touch points had.