Yorkshire Typography Posters

Initially, I was going to use the Yorkshire typeface to display manifesto style statements. But as the maps developed I felt that this somehow wasn’t right. It felt a bit like I was forcing them into the project, but I felt as though they should still be included. I decided to use them to ‘un-formalise’ some of the information in the report, this works well with the style of the typeface. It also gave me a chance to show some type detailing in the paragraph of information on each poster – these paragraphs bring the information together and make the information and its implications more cohesive.

After printing the posters I realised there was not enough depth to them – each of the words are the same scale. None of them pop out which makes them quite flat – especialy when they are supposed to mimic the way somebody with a Yorkshire accent speaks.

I have tried to make the posters have a bit more depth and be more dynamic. I think it works a lot better this way and doesn’t look as plain.

I am really happy with the way these posters have turned out and I think they add another level of more in depth information to the project.

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