Typography Map Development

Transfering the information out of the State of the Nation Report into my Typographic map was difficult and sometimes awkward to do. However, with the more text that was added the map started to come together a lot more. Once all of the information was in the map and began to take the shape of each of the regions I made sure I had spell checked many times, proof reading is especially important as the map takes quite a lot of looking at so I wouldn’t want the audience to spot the mistake whilst trying to read the information. I had to size up the entire map to A0 as this will be more arresting in the final exhibition, I think this was a good thing to do as there is a lot of information and it needs enough space to not be overwhelming.

As the typography will be the front poster visible to the audience I decided that this would have the title on. This is the map as it stands but I am unsure about the style of the title but I think it looks quite map like.

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