Illustration Map Development

The next layet of the map will be illustrations that visualise the typographic information on the first map. This adds another layer of information but also breaks up the type-heavy nature of the first map.

I wanted the illustrations to correlate with the information on the map that would hang in front of it in the exhibition space. Ideally the two maps would be printed on tracing paper, but I am still struggling to find somewhere that would be able to do this. I have found that ‘touchprint’ can print A0 on 80gsm which could still be successful in being slightly transparent.

I have created illustrations to show the main points from the state of the nation report. These include education, transport, money and housing. These symbols either increase in quantity or in size to show how certain areas are more successful in terms of their performance against each of these factors.

I then used the image trace tool to create digital versions that could be further edited to create the different variations of the illustrations to show the degree to which an area was successful or not.

After finalising the different illustrations I began to put them into an outlined map. I tried to keep them in a similar position to what the typography is in – so the images and typography match up and make it a little bit easier for the audience to see this.

The next thing I thought about was whether or not the outline was completely necessary. In the typography map I have included the outline of the rest of the uk to contextualise the map and make it obvious that the information within only applies to the regions within England. However I thought that it was looking too bulky. This was the same issue with the illustration map so I decided to try a dashed line, I think this looks more delicate and much less distracting. I did the same to the typography map. This will also be easier to paint onto the wall as opposed to a longer dash that would be hard to keep uniform.

As this poster will be behind he print of they ypographic map I decided not to include a title and just have one on the typographic poster that will hang infront fo this and the painted on the wall map showing the different regions.

On reflection I think this map needs some sort of key or information to inform the audience about how the size or the amount of a certain thing represents the results from the state of the nations report on social mobility.

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