FMP Exhibition Tutorial

After speaking to the tutors about what I want to display in the exhibition I have decided not to create the animated text and concentrate on creating different layers of maps. I think this will allow me to concentrate and spend more time to create a more successful entry into the exhibition. I want to add a layer of icon type images – this will give the project some visual prompts rather than just being purely typographic.

Another thing I need to think about is the colour I have used, because the project is political in nature I need to make sure that the colours I use don’t have any political connotations which could effect the reception of the project from the audience. Currently I am using yellow which has links to the Liberal Democrat party. I need to pick a colour that is politically neutral, but I still want it to be quite bright and attention catching.

The map would look better overall if the London section was in its right place with in the map instead of being pulled out – I also need to add Ireland on for context as well.

As well as this, we discussed whether or not the the coloured segments should be underneath the type (as it is now) or be a separate layer, I think as it is above could be qute distracting and finding a bright colour that the audience can read black type on might be difficult. This made me think of different ways of having the regions displayed. It could be printed on paper and hug away from the wall as the illustration map and typographic map are or it be on the wall, either printed and stuck up or painted on. I have decided to go with painting the map directly on the wall as I think it adds another dimension to the piece, it also means there will be no issues with legibility.

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