Developing the map

Thinking about where the outline of the map looks now I have realised that it has quite an important part in contextualisin the information on the map and thus the entire project. This is not reflected in the visual style of the map. At this point the map is rough and not refined.

Research into maps/ map art

Grayson Perry – Map of Nowhere

The visual nature of Map of Nowhere is something I think would be good to try and involve in my depiction of England through its Social Mobility – a way of doing this could be to have icons which either connote the place or icons that a visually representative of the facts in the state of the nation report. These icons could differ depending on the information, for example if an area had high quality schools the school would be a different colour or design to indicate higher levels of success against one of the social mobility indicators.

Stephen Walter, ‘The Island’, 2008

Image result for Stephen Walter, 'The Island', 2008
Related image

I like the chaotic nature of Walters ‘The Island’ and how you cound become completely engrossed within it. I think my typographic map shares this quality but I don’t want to overwhelm the audience having the illustration map as chaotic.

Jazzberry Blue Maps

A series of abstract graphic city maps portraying the world's most famous cities: Los Angeles, London, Milan, and more, by self-taught travelling Canadian artist 'Jazzberry Blue' who uses a combination of bold color palettes and geometric figures to give each map an abstract flare of its own

Although these maps use simple shapes they still have a certain chaos about them, but its ordered – I like the use of colour and block shapes to clearly signify buildings/ areas.

Map of Scotland by John Harding

The pictoral style of medieveal maps is something I would like to try and use in the creation of my illustration map. In this case icons represent castles and buildings. I like the simple nature of the medieval maps and think a similar style could be effective.

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