Animated typography

I really like this example of animated typography I think it conveys emotion/mood so well without the use of imagery. The type combined with the music creates a stunning piece.

I like the simplicity of this example and the combination of simple images and typography and that it includes humour.

Looking into kinetic type/ or animated typography I have found lots of different styles, usually they have narration over the top so this is something I should probably do too to make the projrct more cohesive and work better. Each example uses the space really well, I think this is something I have struggled with in the past when I have done animations. This is something I will be conscious of.

I have begun to experiment with one of the statements I already had on After effects. Using the different preset effects on there will be the best way to give the typography some energy an mimic the rhythm of speech. I am hesitant about using my own ovice out of embarrassment and the fact that everyone at the show could possibly hear my voice. But it would add a lot to the project. I have experimented with different methods of distorting the typography, I think the last effect I have used on the ‘you are’ is the most effective, so I will carry on with that.

Moving on, I want to create some storyboards to visualise what I want to communicate with the animation. I also want to start to incorporate colour and play with the scale of the alphabet to give more of a differnece between the pronouncesd and dropped sounds in the words.

I have tried a different method of animating the type here – I think it is quite effective but looks a bit ameteur. Its a much quicker method but I’m not sure that it visualises the sounds of the pronunciation as well as some of the other examples in the first test do.

This is a further development of the animated type, it’s still not exactly looking the way that I wanted it to. It does match with the way the speech sounds but animation is not my strongest skill. This is something I need to consider when thinking about putting my best work forward into the final exhibition and creating work that I am proud of.

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