Research: Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Language shapes the way we think = the two are entwined.

Different languages have different ways of thinking about the world. concepts of time and matter are conditioned by language.

‘linguistic reletivity’
The way we think is determined by language – Hopi vocabulary – no concepts of time found in their language (proved to be wrong)

Colour – should be the same throughout cultures – the words we have for colours determine what colours we say. Matching and organising colour experiment.

There is SOME evidence that language influences world view.

Thinking about how accents and dialect alter a language thus have the possibility to change or our influence world views. This could be applied to my project in the sense that my attitdutes/ perception of the world could be somehow different to that of a person with a different accents purely because of the words we use…this is obviously a reductionist approach as there are many other social and cultural factors that effect and influence our views on the world. I think this could be included in my personal opinion of the issue of social mobility.

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