ISTD Submission

Photographing the final piece of work to send to ISTD made me realise how much work I had actually done to a standard that I feel proud of. The images of the final pulication really show it off in the best light.
Reflecting on the process of entering ISTD, I think it was really worthwhile. The attention to detail that was necessary really made me think about the level of detail I have included in other projects and the amount of detail I will add to my FMP if I create any type of printed media.

Some of the final images:

Overall I am really proud of the publication that I have submitted and I think it showcases a different approach to typographic experiment that is in line with my personal style. I hope that this differing form the expected typographic experimentation will be liked by the judges/ assessors but more importantly I have created a piece of work that will look amazing in my portfolio. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming fully submerged in a project and thinking primarily about typography which I havent before, but at the same time thinking about the concept at the same time.

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