Idea Development

After looking into the different manifestos and starting to write my own I began to think about how all the information I have gathered could be visualised. I thought that as my research has shown that now its not as much as a class divede but a geographical issue surrounding the levels of social mobility. I want to display the information I have found in relation to the area to then layer over the top other sections of information that will illustrate the vast discrepancies in the levels of social mobility found in different areas of England. I will then use this to map the negative connotations attached to certain areas and therefore the accents form these areas, this will include my own personal accounts and opinions on these connotations and the research I have found. I will then inform the audience that social mobility and the lack of it in so many areas of the country was part of the conservative 2017 manifesto which has not addressed the issue as of yet.

This is when I decided that my projects focus had become primarily about the problem of social mobility and how where a person starts out has a huge impact on the rest of their lives. This suggests that not everyone is getting a fair chance to do the best they can. this is seen in some areas of the country with poor schools and careers advice leading to people becoming trapped abecause they have not had the access to resources they could have used to further or better themselves.

Plotting the information from the State of The Nation Report has allowed be to section off the country and find out which areas are lacking what. I will do this for the whole of England and use this visual representation of the report as the grounding for my personal reflection on the state of the nation. This will take shape using the phonetic typography i have created representing the Yorkshire accent. I will home in on the problems facing people from Yorkshire and the Humber in terms of social mobility as I have personal experience there. This will be made into some sort of manifesto/ personal protest about the fact that STILL where you are born and who you are born to has a gigantic effect on your levels of success. This is not to say that those who chose to stay in the area they were born are unsuccessful, this is their choice. But my project aims to make a comment on the lack of provisions and money spent on giving everyone a fair and equal number of opportunities and resources.

Mapping the statements from the Social Mobility Commissions State of the Nation report.

Begining to map the different statements has helped me to feel that I am getting somewhere. The next step was taking the map onto illustrator to try and produce something digitally, I wanted to do this because my portfolio already contains a lot of handwritten elements. However I am not sure how effective the typeset statements are.

I think I should try it in a more handwritten style just for comparison. But I think this might be too much if I want to include my phonetic type in other elements of my deliverables.

Carrying on with the typography has started to create an interesting effect. It represents the influx of information within the report but still makes the statistics and facts more digestible to the reader.

I have began to layer over the types of area in the country for example rural areas, or former industrial areas as the divide between the number of opportunities and resources to better social mobility is no longer a north/ south divide but more of a geographical lottery divide with rural areas suffering from lack of spending on things that better social mobility.

These maps will layer on top of one and other to create a visualisation of the information in the state of the nation report.

I then want to create my personal opinion and reflection as a manifesto using my Yorkshire typeface.

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