Printed ephemera development

My final feedback for the printed ephemera project highlighted the fact that all the pages were exactly the same and now looking back at it I have realised after the editorial design project how to create consistency without having the exact same lay out on each page as I had done before. With this in mind I am going to spend time reworking the piece.  Changing the layout around would help to improve the pace of the piece as discussed in my feedback.

To start with i have included pull out quotes to make the pages more interesting and give them white space.  Using the ‘story’ tool I have aligned the text with text not the quotation mark. I have reduced the size and shape of the images to allow for more room for the text and white space. 1

After messing around with the layout and the type I think I have made a much better version although it still needs more work as some pages are much more successful but as I can’t reduce the content some pages are still over filled but I didnt give up the two page per artist rule.

layout 4print test 3.7layout 4print test 3.72layout 4print test 3.73layout 4print test 3.74layout 4print test 3.75layout 4print test 3.76layout 4print test 3.77layout 4print test 3.78layout 4print test 3.79


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