Magazine design

Working with two ideas I’ve been exploring different type faces, layouts and imagery. I have chosen square dimensions as so far I have only worked with a rectangle e.g a4 and thought it would be interesting to see what a publication would look like square.

The first I have used digital type (objektiv) and distorted it in an effort to make it more interesting;

2.pngDeveloping this idea further i have moved around the elements to try and make the spread less boring.

3.pngThis layout needs more work but is starting to look like an editorial spread and I like the spacing on the left side but I’m struggling with the right side. The image I have used is a digital version of a sketch I drew created using paths in illustrator with inspiration from the text as it mentions, cells, mitochondria and dna. The distorted title and serif (adobe garamond) contrast and create a good sense of hierarchy although I’m unsure if the page is too empty.

The second design I have been working on uses a digital version of the type I produced with marker pens; 1

This design allows me to be more playful with the title as there are more words, experimenting with pace and path of the eye.


At this stage I printed off one the two first pages to check the point size and the composition however I can’t see the colour. The space in the bottom left looks too empty when printed in grayscale but this could be just because of the lack of colour. I also printed out the second design and the title doesn’t read well enough on the larger scale of the magazine so I need to change that. After a tutorial discussing both ideas I have decided to go forward with the second design and explore the work of Francis Bacon and the textures and processes of curing meat – a way of prolonging the shelflife of meat – similar to the way the article talks about prolonging life and longevity in a more of a grim way.


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