Typography Experiments

I started with experiments for the article about Trump but decided I didn’t want to choose that article. I used biro, tipex pen and highlighter in these tests;

After trying with that article i moved to the Silicon Valley one, using highlighters, markers, pen, graphite stick, paint and tip ex pen again.

20170415_16415420170415_164156The above experiments are quite similar one uses a highlighter pen the other a graphite stick, I have enhanced the images in photoshop. I decided “curing age” was a catchier headline that the full title.  I like the scratchy and rushed look of the type but I am not sure if it works with the context and content.

20170420_150837 20170427_133200 20170427_13321120170427_13321420170427_133144 20170427_13314820170427_133155 20170427_133137

I moved onto using fine liners here and a different style of type, also looking at some imagery of cells and scientific things.

20170427_133243 20170427_133248 20170427_133220

Sticking with the same style of lettering but using a roller and paint to add in some texture in the background. The roller creates a kind of speckled skin like texture that relates to the article.

20170427_133232 20170427_133257

Another thing I tried were board markers, i like the thick lines they create but the style could be a bit too conventional but this style is something id like to explore a little more with the quotes and facts I’m going to pull out of the article.


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