Editorial Design Research

Looking at double page spreads.


 Spare Change News – Inspiration Hut spare-change-news-6



A publication founded by homeless people in Massachusetts in 1992, the magazines content is created by locals. The handwritten typography is used to establish hierarchy and creates a less corporate look which matches the idea of the publication being written by the locals for the locals. The contrasting red, white and black used in the newspaper create consistency and ensures one image doesnt jump out more than another. Red is used to signal important places on the page; underlining of title and highlighting parts of the text. I really like the structure of the pages as they stick to the columns but it doesnt feel boring as there is also some overlapping of text on image and images continuing across the page.


f96abf32701497.568fe0045c067 (1).jpg

I liked the use of the three different tiers of the spread and think it’s an interesting way to slit up the page. I also like how each component has breathing space and although there is a lot of content it doesnt seem cramped. The overlapping text and image however affects the legibility, but this could be the image quality. The slightly washed out blue images and vibrant yellow compliment each other really well and the overall layout of the spread feels quite refreshing compared to the usual column format. You view the spread as a whole and not as two separate sheets because of the more horizontal based layout and the image stretched across the two pages encourages the eye and flows with the natural reading movement of left to right. The different typefaces used for the body text and title and quote further help to differentiate the content and create pauses in the body copy.

Estd 1999 – An Academic Report – Sidney Lim 


This simple and clean design really appealed to me as although there is a lot going on; bold text, images, body copy, sub headings and graphic devices it still appears clear and like everything has been put in a certain place for a reason. The bold text in the centre catches the viewer’s eye as it stretches across the centre of the spread. The line then leads the eye to a description of the image, which sits nicely on the page without dominating it. The title is set in a sans font for legibility and clarity which contrasts with the body copy set in a more traditional looking serif.

Zine About Surrealism – Francisco Gaspar


The title of this spread really caught my eye, the sense of movement created using a scanner/ photocopier really caught my eye. The title covers both pages and could be seen as imagery as well as typography. Even though most of the page is covered there is still enough empty space at the top of the spread and as the colours are quite muted the spread doesn’t seem too full or chaotic, this is helped as there is just a small amount of text on the page so the audience don’t become overwhelmed. The eye is drawn from the start of the title down to the end in the bottom right where you restart the reading line at the left directing you to the text. The similar colours used on the image and the background of the left page tie the two together as one spread as well as the illustration and title stretching across both pages.

Hacedores de Mundo – Sophie Calle 


The use of white space around the article was what caught my eye on this spread, hierarchy is established by the pull quotes in caps and a different colour, sub headings and sections of the text being highlighted. There is no title on the page as I believe it is a continuation from another page. The grey scale images fit with the soft pinks used throughout the magazine and on this page. I think the designer has used the page really well in terms of positioning each element.

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