Design As Activism Exhibition

As a part of the Animation, Graphic communication and Illustration Hub Field 4 exhibition


We hung the 4 posters one group member had designed and the GIF story board  I had made along with the animation on a large screen to the side of the display boards. It took a while to make sure everything was level but in the end I think our display looks good and you can definitely see the relationship between the ephemera and the animation.

The work we showed for the Luis Cicero project is also ben shown in the Field 4 Animation, Graphic Communication and Illustration Hub exhibition. We had to set it up a little differently obviously as its in a different place then when we presented it before. We wanted to keep the same sort of sense of entering the space to view the exhibition so we used the easels again to bring the display to a curve so you have to come into the space however we had much less space to play with.

We altered the height of the easels so they would fill the white space beside the podium for the monitor which shows the animated map.

At the opening of the show I got to see some of my peers work not only from graphics but illustration and animation and I liked the Dyslexia awareness from graphics and the illustrations in one of the pieces laid on the table.

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