Design as Activism reflection/ review

Overall I have enjoyed the module, what I found most interesting was learning about aftereffects and the challenges involved in creating an animation. It was also quite interesting to work  in a group of people I hadn’t before and although we had some challenges with work load and the group members right at the beginning of the project I think it has been really valuable to experience working in a group to get to the same end point when all members have different ideas and ways of working. Throughout the project the idea of the different bits of the project coming together and looking like they matched became very important and we worked quite hard in trying to make sure there was consistency between printed and digital ephemera as well as the animation but also within the animation as we all worked on it separately.

I think if we had more time to regroup and really push the animation we would have created a much more polished version of the animation. I would have also like to have tried to create more life animation of the character using rigging technologies as I think that would have been an interesting skill to learn however given the time frame and my own level of skill it would have been hard to produced a finished animation if I had used this method, it would have als meant the other group members would have had to have some understanding of this as well.

Some of the frustrating parts of the project was the complications of after effects and trying to collate our work and making sure it was all of a similar standard. However we were all happy with the outcome in the end.


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