Rendering the Final Animation

After having to download the correct file to be able to render my section of the animation in the same format of the other members in the group and making sure everything is right I have finally finished my section –

Callum put the sections together and added the voice over clips ensuring the final animation all fitted together smoothly.

Working as we did all on separate devices and in different places proved a little problematic when it came to getting all the files together and it probably would have been easier when it came to collecting the files but as David was out of the country for a week we didn’t really have a choice but I think we managed ok.

Final animation:

I think the end result could be improved on in terms of refinement of movements and transitions but I think the message we were trying to communicate come across well. Learning to use After Effects has been tricky but it meant using tutorials and support from peers and using trial and error to get through the trickier parts. During the project my Illustrator skills have really improved and I have started to enjoy designing on screen which I hadn’t previously.

In terms of working in a group I think me and Callum were the driving force with ideas and getting the work done as David joined the group later he added ideas and input to what we had already started, I think the workload was shared out quite equally but as David was away for a week it was hard to see what progress we had made as a collective. I have realised that working in a group at this stage isn’t about making an impressive animation but figuring out where each member fits and whose skills are stronger for what tasks.


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