I’ve made the simple GIF using the character from the animation and the NSPCC logo that features at the end of the animation and our tag line “shine a light on cyberbullying”, the sign she is holding moves from side to side and would loop to make it look like she is waving the sign. I could try and develop the gif further but with the time constraints I think it would be better to spend more time putting the animation together. I could make the movements more obvious or add in some of the background detail.storyboard

I improved in the GIF that I had made to make sure it was high quality as the previous one was slightly fuzzy and I’ve added a sort of bopping movement just to add more motion and make it more interesting. When the video loops it will look like the figure is waving the sign around.

After discussion we decided to change the GIF and focus on the computer screen motif instead of the character.

The GIF features the computer screen used in the animation filling with cyberbullying messages. The block button then appears whilst the messages fade out.



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