Tate Modern Constellation Visit

During the visit to the Tate we discussed the work by Carl Andre in relation to Rachel Whiteread’s in terms of how the works are very similar but Whiteread’s seems to be much more interesting as its not an everyday objects, has variants between the different blocks and textures, you start to wonder how and why the artist has made this work, it changes as you move around it as the light travels through the resin and how the resin itself is inconsistent unlike the industrial appearance of Andre’s bricks. The scale of Whiteread’s work also influences its effect upon the viewer as its comparison to the human scale, you have to look across it like a landscape whereas Andre’s bricks you tower over and look down on disappointedly.

I then wandered around the free exhibitions at the Tate and found the work by Kelley Walker – a reworking of the Volkswagen Beetle advertisements from Nazi Germany time period. I found them especially interesting as you begin to notice how she has manipulated them using Rhino and you begin to pick out the different shapes and folds of the scanned advertisements. the contrast between the manually created images and the digitised architectural style its emphasised by the bright colours they are surrounded by. I was also interesting to see Marcel Duchamps ‘Fountain’ after reading into it last week, and the fact its not the ORIGINAL fountain but somehow still holds the same importance and value.


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