Interim Presentation

During the interim presentation of our ideas we discussed what we had done so far in terms of character, set and component illustration and the tiny bit of illustration Callum had done. We realised how much work we need to do before the deadline and that it was going to be hard so we thought about simplifying the animation in terms of movement and transitions. With one member of the group not really being involved in the project and another going away for a week we had to split up the animation into 3 15 second parts with hopes that we will be able to stitch them together when the member whose away comes back.

In the feedback Matt said that the 3 parts of the animation might not be doable within the time frame but we want to try and see if it will work and if not we have an idea of how we would need to change the story board.

During our group discussion we decided that I would complete the part of the animation where ‘Emily’ is falling into the darkness with all the messages popping up. To help with this I need to ask Matt for help on how to;

  1. follow a character with the camera – kind of like panning but not
  2. have the messages popping up and swirling around
  3. make the movements of the arms and legs less jerky

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