Falling Scenes Animation

After creating a side profile I began to animate the figure falling.



I began with creating the side profile in illustrator ready to put it into after effects.

I have moved the anchor points of all four of the limbs and the head so that they would rotate at the point they would on a human so, shoulder, neck and hips. At the minute the movement is really jagged and doesn’t look at all convincing and I need to consider how long she will fall for and how i will show the downward movement. I’ve tried to use moving the head and the body to make it a little more believable.

I have added a solid layer and started it with 0% opacity and brought it up to 100% to make look as through Emily is falling into darkness.


After collating the illustrations we had each done we realised they were all on different sized art boards with different levels of quality and one was in the wrong colour setting. So it took a while to get this sorted and to fix up the colours of the first background so that the colour palettes were what we wanted. I also took the desk background and changed it around a bit to make it simpler and just finish it off a little bit with tidying up anchor points and such.

I added a shadow to the falling section so it looks as though the girl has landed on the floor and she bounces a little bit. I now need to add in the messages popping up.

I tried with the messages popping up within these ^ scenes but discussing with Callum we decided to create a new scene to allow the audience to be able to read the messages.


After discussing the falling scenes with Callum we decided that there should be views from the side and from above so I made this above view after editing the figure slightly in illustrator. Then I finished the messages and put them in over the top of the falling girl. I decreased the scale of the girl to make it appear as though she is falling away from the camera. I had to add in the file of the tangled mouse around the girls body in both the side profile and the above profile because it needs to feature in both of them to give the animation continuity.

11 22

I did have a 10% transparency oval appearing behind the girl as a shadow, but after speaking with Callum we decided to add in a more of swirling image, I created the lines in illustrator and

I will put the falling from above scene first then the side view to make it look like she’s falling for longer.


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