Character design

Design and development of our character.


Meeting as a group over the weekend 2 of us had designed quick characters whilst Dawid quickly roughed out an animation to see how timings and transitions would work however the rough animation didn’t contain the right shots but it gave us a vague idea on how long it would be. At the moment it lasts 30 seconds but with the right shots and transitions i think we can make it 45-60.

Me and Callum had designed similar types of characters but we decided to go for a female character as girls are twice as likely to be cyberbullied when compared to boys according to an NSPCC study.

After some very rough (unattractive) sketches this was the character I had begun to design over the weekend. Its similar to the style of the NSPCC ‘Share Aware’ campaign but a lot simpler. The more circular head looks better i think, I created these heads using illustrator’s pen tool and created shadows using a near transparant shape over the top.  But after the discussion with the group I need to create a female character but using the current head shape and colours as they work nicely together.







The body I was working on is not quite right and looks a bit too old for the age of the character (early teens) but now that the character is a girl I will start again and see if i can get the proportions right. z

Female Character – 

Whilst discussing the character in the group callum suggested we create  something similar to one of his sketches so I began working on it – however it is taking a while as I’m still getting used to the pen tool.


Adding some shadowy shapes on top of the hair to give it a bit more detail by lowering the opacity of the shapes.girl heade.jpg

After creating all the different paths and shapes I made sure i had labelled up all of the layers clearly for when it comes to animating in after effects we could potentially move separate parts of the head. layers-and-face

Making the body and getting the proportions right was most difficult and took alot of tweaking and standing back and getting others opinions. I think i’ve pretty much got it right here but the challenge of making believable feet came along. I also added little blushing cheeks to the face just as an extra detail and this works really well as it makes her a little bit more interesting.


This is the finished front and back of the character, I now need to maybe make some different facial expressions or a side profile which shouldn’t be too tricky. I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with illustrator and making the character and I think I’ve learnt a lot of different techniques.

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