Constellation and Subject

Talk from Martyn Woodward on how constellation links with subject.


Design in the 21st century is not only about making things look pretty. As designers we have social responsibility, what we design can change lives. Constellation allows us to explore other channels in a way not purely focussed on design. The topics we explore, suggested Martyn, are there for us to widen our understanding of what art and design is in a wider context and we should use this wider context to enhance our practice. Although not all of the topics we explore may be relevant and useful at the moment but could be in the future BUT it is also ok if it feels like it’s pointless – that’s why we study two topics. The point is to explore the world we live in to allow us to design for the world. The way I engage with constellation will affect the type of designer I become during and after university; speculative designers, critical designers, socially aware designers and market led designers.

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