Story Boarding Workshop

Deconstructing an advert for Playstation 2 as a group helped me to realise that there are so many different scenes in just 1 minute. There is a really good use of pace in the advert – the changes in direction of movement within the frame and the ‘shaky’ nature of the camera gathers speed and adds to the chaotic nature of the advert. The choppy transitions from scene to scene work really well as the advert speeds up. The chaos is amplified by the way the shots are sometimes obscured by blurred legs running across the shot.

The music used in the advert (a jolly tune) is not what you would expect from a video with people pushing and shoving each other to reach the top of the human mountain. But the contrast works really well along side some of the background noise of the action.

The level of detail we went into with the storyboard has made me realise how in depth the storyboard to plan our animation needs to be, however I’m struggling a little to see how we are going to be able to do this properly as the group can’t seem to be all in one place at the same time.

1 220170228_162039

After the workshop the group agreed to meet on friday and finalise a storyboard for our animation.


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