Design as Activism

Discussion in groups of initial ideas and topics.


After being put in a group we discussed the ideas we would like to address with the animation. The animation needs to be 45-60 seconds depending on the size of the group and should be created in Adobe After Effects.
When creating the animation, we must consider narrative, storytelling, pace, visual systems, sequence, movement and metaphor.

After discussing we decided on the topic of social media and suicide and young people seen as it’s a current topic that there is little awareness about and there are a lot of stories in the press surrounding this subject. As a group we went away over the weekend and created initial story boards and did a little bit of research.

I thought about maybe using just text or creating an info graphic type animation just using facts and small illustrations. However, taking the target audience which I thought was going to be young/pre teens (11-17) into account i realised that a narrative based animation may seem more effective. My initial ideas also included the is of a child being dragged down or falling into darkness as a visual metaphor showing how easy it is to become isolated by bullying.

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