Luis Cicero Exhibition

As a group we decided to set up out presentation/ exhibition a bit differently to the other groups. The two paintings on easels welcome the audience into the central display which is of all of the paper work we created  as well as the screen which was playing the animation of the map showing where Luis travelled  throughout the story. 16777147_1843684429213921_1270983491_o

After the group discussion about the work we all realised that the work should have been a little more spread out but we were all worried that the different pieces would look un related.


Although I intended my piece to stand up maybe on a podium or table but it seemed that it would look a bit separate from the display so I compromised and stuck it alongside the other print work.

Working as a group over the past 2 weeks has been interesting, although we didn’t work ‘together’ as in, within the same space or on one collective piece I think we made quite a successful collective in comparison to other groups. We managed to establish roles and who would complete what tasks quite quickly which meant we all had lots of time to produce our components of the final display. Our aim from the start was to create a display to visualise Luis’ life and I think we achieved that and did it quite well. I think we could have tried a bit harder to work together to make the end result more coherent.

It was interesting to see how the other groups tackled the task, some were more successful than others in relation to how the groups got on and divided up the work. I think it comes down to how well planned the project was. Our group set deadlines and had meetings to discuss what we had done and were going to do and we were all quite willing to put a lot of effort into the project.


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