Ideas for Character Brief

My initial brainstorm of ideas for my part in the project was –

Look for Luisa Street

  • is there anything significant still there
  • is the street still there
  • see if there’s any items around to take and use to take pictures of what ever is there and make illustrations/ prints/ drawings with and of them.
  • how can i incorporate the style of the 1930’s war art with my way of working.  – Looking at art/design from the time to get an idea of the style.

Lynd Ward was a graphic novelist working with woodcut around the time of the civil war. This particular image captured me due to the amount of detail and how the red creates shade and tone and a shadow/background to the figure – I think its a really interesting image and looking at his work i can see where my group mate thought the use of etching would be appropriate. He illustrates violent scenes like what looks to be a lynching or hanging of someone in the dark depths of the image – this is the sort of thing I had envisioned when the team member suggested etching.
Image result for lynd ward pilgrimageImage result for lynd ward pilgrimage

Oskar Kokoschka
Best known for his challenging portraits exaggerating the sitters mental state. Was one of the artists who’s work was shown in Hitler’s ‘Degenerate Art’ exhibition

Wassily Kandinsky also part of the Degenerate art exhibition
Unstable Balance 1930 // White 1930 // Bagatelles 1936

Wassily Kandinsky. Unstable Balance, 1930  Wassily Kandinsky. White, 1930  Wassily Kandinsky. Bagatelles, 1936



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