Character and Place Brief

The brief in a nutshell was to create a body of work in response to our given character within a mixed group containing students from graphics, animation and illustration. We could choose to do this by creating individual pieces/ work and collate it or create large pieces as a group.

After meeting with my group we decided we would divide up Luis Cicero’s story and each take  a small section to focus and create something in our own way. Immediately I was drawn to the part of the story where Luis meets his wife, initially I thought it would be a good starting point as I could visit this place and quickly get the ball rolling on my part of the project. The rest of the group chose propaganda type posters advertising Canada as a safe retreat, an animated map showing the triumphant journey of our character, a realistic painting – a snapshot into Luis life and finally an etching of a battle scene. After our first meeting we decided to take the week to try and get some things done and meet back on Monday the 6th and discuss where to go.


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