Race Equality Guernica

Working with in the same group as the day before we were tasked with creating our own version of Guernica. We began with adding texture with bits of magazines containing articles about the world, immigration and other subjects relating to the manifesto. Initially we painted quite graphic, geometric arms that would interlock and intertwine to create a sense of unity and coming together of all different people. We discovered that the piece looked chaotic as other members of the group were using a different style of arm and because we weren’t exactly working as a collective more trying to push the two styles of working together. After reevaluating the piece we decided to try and clarify the compositional lines that picasso used as they are what make the piece recognisable. We also decided to use the tone of the arms and the back ground to try and instate some order into the piece.
We saw that the work was coming together now, with the addition of my “BULL – YING” part which almost resembles a placard for a protest against racial equality BUT it is the outline of the bull in the original Guernica. I think adding a bit of a pun to the piece doesnt take away from the issues it tackles but makes it a bit easier for people to access. The bold arm was also an idea introduced to the group by a graphics student – the differences between illustration students way of working and that of a graphic communications student really showed during this task, it was quite hard to get to grips with how people in other disciplines tackle a task in comparison to myself.

The final outcome –

During the presentation our work received positive feedback from our peers and the tutors. Explaining the piece as a group was easy as we all had the same ideas about it and what it stood for. The dark areas showing the way darkness and cruelty caused by racism and inequality. The hands being various shades showing the unity and diversity of the world, the coming together and joining of different people to rise against the people who turn a blind eye to racism, to shine a light on theses people and try to show them other ways of thinking.



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