Introduction to Field

During the first session of the field module we had an introduction to “My uncle Tom” and the topic of the Spanish civil war and got to know the jist of the next 10 weeks. 
After the introductions we moved onto looking at manifestos and how to illustrate our ideas. We each wrote issues that we felt were important to us and organised them across the class, thus sorting us into groups. Thinking about issues in our world made me think about the reasons why I want to be a graphic communicator.

After finding people with interests in the same issues, made a group to create a manifesto to tackle the issues surrounding Racial Equality. After writing the statement we moved onto creating it with paper – using pop ups. Our piece focused on people and the world and the way we want all people to respect each other and be acceptin of each other.  My part in the display was to create people that were unified and people singling someone out ;

The combination of 2 graphics and 2 illustration students resulted in this piece;

The red paper represents the anger of racism and the anger we all had that it was still going on, representations of the world and different continents as a way of showing the seperation of he world but also its potential to come together.

Other peoples work tackled issues such as environmental issues – recycling and such 


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