FTFM research

signatories on the original Manifesto

Ken Garland – 
50/60s work – Design Magazine UK

An outspoken designer who believes designers should “convey other people’s messages – rather than introduce messages of their own.”  After leaving the Design Magazine he started his own studio “Ken Garland and Associates” with clients ranging from the Labour party to Galt toys. In an interview in Eye Magazine Garland states he wrote the manifesto as an “alert” to the way the money coming into the visual communications industry was not necessarily going into the right projects.  – the manifesto wasn’t an “anti – advertisement” campaign but a way of highlighting how badly money was being spent.

Edward Wright, typographer, designer and architect – One of the founders of so called “supergraphics” – supergraphics being bold geometric shapes with bright colours, large scale imagery covering walls from floor to ceiling – flowing forms – lines/stripes as an example. Used to brighten up boring “institutional” architecture – used to change perspective and create allusions. Supergraphics brightened up cities in the 1960s with Edward Wright playing a [art in the movement with his large scale typographic elements within the built up city areas.

source – http://www.historygraphicdesign.com/the-age-of-information/postmodern-design/871-supermannerism

Geoff White 

“a call for designers to design ethical messages rather than designing advertisements…for products which are harmful to health”




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