Printed Ephemera

Proofreading and printing process.


Printing off rough copies of the booklet has really helped me in refining it as you can see what it looks like in print not only on screen – here i have circled and noted what changes need making to the ephemera to make it easier to read.

I have tried 3 colours of paper for the final print firstly a bright orange which worked really well for the covers but made the body copy really hard to read as the paper is so vibrant and the text so black it kind of blinds you.

I then tried a pale yellow colour but it just didn’t match the context of the booklet or the design either. LAstly i tried a pale peach tone which really works and allows the design the white space it needs unlike the orange which filled it.

I bound the book a little differently to how Nigel showed us to try and make the pages meet in the middle instead of having the gap that the crop mark produced.

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