Final layout & Covers

During the first group tutorial after I had seen my peers work I have realised i could be a bit more adventurous in the way i have designed my printed ephemera – for example using bolder design features.  I knew i wanted to keep the images quite big as the document is all about visual arts so it kinda makes sense the image is prominent. I want to make the pages quite striking so i had the idea of the images dominating the page visually but not overpowering – i decided to do this by using a triangle section –

The angle of the line draws the eye across the page and into the title and works really well as a way of splitting up the page so there is not too much blank space. I first set up the image on the page then body copy, title and description and dates last – this allowed me to get the columns and type right before adding the final touches.

The most challenging thing i found about the layout was trying to keep everything as consistent as possible when there was varying amounts of body copy on each page. And after having being advised not to have different column widths on one page as it affects the hierarchy of the page i had to mess around with the text trying to get it to fit which i think it does even on the fuller pages it still doesn’t look too squeezed on. Although the fuller pages were hard to organise the pages with less copies were harder as there was such much white space the page looks too empty if you don’t get the balance of graphic elements and whitespace right – but i think i managed to achieve the right balance in the end.

Cover – 7/12/2016

The front cover was quite tricky to get right as I wanted it to be simple but still visually interesting – i think the first example is just too busy and doesnt really match the inside of the booklet either so i pretty much started again and tried to restrain myself to the same kind of layout style and grid system i’d used inside the book. I think the second design is so much clearer and ‘slicker’ that the first (although there is a space in the middle of super that shouldnt be there) I decided when making the cover that the title needed to be in a different type face as the first one looks just odd really because it has to be in lowercase as that’s how designboom writes it. I decided to use the objektiv mk typeface from the dalton mag website because the x height is smaller than the one i was using so doesnt look stretched and i really like how rounded the characters are and think its very clear=n and looks organised which works well with my design inside.

After doing the front cover the back cover was quite easy i just stuck to the same kind of design layout it terms of using the grid including all social media links untitled-5



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