Double Page spread RESEARCH

Designboom is the largest/ most popular digital architecture and design magazines available and updates readers with contemporary practice and events – my (FAKE) event programme needs to reflect the contemporary nature of the organisation –

  1. This double page spread of the “Capital” magazine caught my eye because of the playful use of typographical design in the title. The title stretches across the double page and cover the header/page numbers which is unconventional but really works here. As the magazine focuses on financial markets the use of type and images (graphs and background graphics) make the subject less boring and as there isnt an overwhelming amount of text the page doesn’t feel intimidating. The two column type setting is simple and doesn’t over complicate the space and sits well with the white space above it. The paragraphs are justified which works with the formal nature of the subject/context.  I really like the bold sans serif type used in caps for the title as it isn’t what you’d typically associate with formal writing and its subject, it also differs from the body copy with splits the page up and provides a hierarchy for the viewer to follow – a very clean and easy to look at design that isn’t overwhelmed with colour or images to make it interesting. db7aa237870405.574ef68b75407.png
  2. I was drawn to this example quite obviously because of the vibrant colour it is printed on, it’s a good example of how to print black onto colour stock which is what I will be doing with the Ephemera booklet. The first thing you notice looking at the spread is the title in rounded bubble – like type, followed by the image, quote and then body text. The body copy is sectioned by bold hyphen type lines which is really effective and means the lighter weighted text contrasts it and clearly marks the beginning of a new paragraph.  The type face used for the title, quote and caption has a friendly sort of ‘loving’ look to it which given the spread comes from an annual report of the business seems quite unexpected but works with the context that “OzHarvest” is an organisation that works within the community & donating food. The image spills slightly onto the second page which stops it feeling separate from the text, the 1st block of text is smaller to give the space around the image and make sure the page isn’t cramped. +61 404 473 364
  3. The main feature of this spread is the image, followed by the strange title and then the eye finds the body copy. The white background and black outlined but white filled text contrasts with the dark toned image – emphasised by the way the text stretches across part of the image, the paint drip like lesions also reach from top to the bottom of the page filling some of the white space. I think the use of the text across image could work well for my book however I need to include much more text so i would have to play around with overlaying text/ image and title. 244_the_wire_authentic_blues_aa
  4. This contemporary design uses negaitive space and grid systems really effectively – you are not overwhelmed by the text even though there is a large amount of it. I want to try and acheieve this in my work however its proving difficult due to the ammount of text that has to be in the piece. 
  5. 99u-16cultural_initiative_pages_0373035743043775-57e165c0a22d648140e35523315-5606231a2ddff

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