Layout – Printed Ephemera

To begin with i started to sketch out rough sketches in my sketchbook to just see how many elements I would need to fit on a page and kind of get a grip of the project.20161130_142403 20161130_142353 20161130_142416

I started on indesign getting all of the elements on one page in a simple layout to work out how much room i would need to give each graphic element, the main element in most of the pages will be the text – however i want to try and make sure it doesn’t dominate the page and overwhelm the viewer. Here I used typeface “objektiv mk1” from the Dalton Maag website, its clear and clean cut so easy to read. I don’t like the layout of this page as it quite boring and uninteresting to look at – it uses a 6 column grid which has limited what i can do in terms of text and image. untitled-1

My second layout possibility uses overlapping text and images which i really like for this particular page however fo the pages where there is much more text I don’t think it would work as well. Here i have used the Effra typeface also from the dalton maag website – using bold italic for questions and regular for body copy. again it uses 6 column grid which works better than the previous but looks a bit too novel like. lay-out-1

After a group tutorial with Neil Angove i realised i could try and be a bit more experimental and less rigid with the grid system – here i have used a 7 grid column, this allowed me to use more negative space and carry text across two pages in a different way. For this layout i used the Stroudley type face from Dalton Maag because of its legibility.untitled-4untitled-2

This double page has been the most difficult and still needs some work due to the amount of text that needs to be placed on the page. But i still want to have negative space somewhere on the page- in this instance its a blank column either side of the body copy. untitled-3

I am going to try and pull out some important features of each article and try to emphasize them somehow so if the reader doesn’t have enough time to read the full article they will be able to get a jist of the piece as well as the description.


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