Journey Collage

One of my first experiments was a portrait composition of a path with people walking in front of me, the perspective of the images has made it quite difficult to show moving forward; away from me. I can’t seem to make the image look like its moving away from the audience. walk portrait..jpgAnother experiment I have done is playing around with the opacity of the different layers however it leaves the image looking ‘ghostly’ rather than showing movement and the layout seems too blocky.opacity-experimentMy final outcome for this brief is a landscape image featuring a figure walking across the path in front of me, I think  the composition of the piece gives it the ‘borderless’ look I was aiming for and the viewer follows this in the direction of the path. When printed the autumnal colours saturate and gives the piece a high definition look. WALK landscape..jpgDuring the group crit it was said that because the image bleeds off of the A3 sheet it gives a sense of continuity to the journey and I had created  successful layout for the image.
To improve my image I think I could have used more images/sections to build up an even more multilayered image which could have shown a longer passage of movement.


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