Book Binding

During the workshop I learnt how to bind a book using 1 sheet of a1 paper to make a 16 page a5 booklet with a cardboard cover and red spine. The technique will be used when it comes to binding my printed ephemera booklet for the (not real) designboom brief.

After cutting an a1 sheet using the shoe knife and folding bone I have bound the book after making 3 holes in each sheet – using binding thread going from centre(back) to top – bottom -middle then tying either side

outside binding
binding from inside

Using PVA mixed with water i have glued two sheets of cardboard which are slightly bigger than the booklet together making sure there is a gap between to make sure the book fits in.

THE binding fabric – used to attach the 2 cardboard covers.
Attaching the two covers

Making sure there was about 4 cm of binding fabric on both pieces of cardboard ensures the book will stay secure.

attaching the end papers

The end papers were most tricky to place as you have to make sure it attaches to the book and cover and i had some trouble in centering the book however it seems to have worked quite well .

20161130_134732The end result is a bit wonky but for a fist attempt I think it worked quite well, I definitely need to think about how I want to present my book for the designboom brief in terms of paper colour and whether or not i want to use the cardboard cover.


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