Image Series with Set Dimensions

For the second set of series of images we had to use the dimensions given in the brief which were;

140mm x 200mm

40mm x 280mm

100mm x 55mm

55mm x 40mm

The second set of images were; 

200mm x 140mm

280mm x 40mm

55mm x 100mm

40mm x 55mm

The challenge of this brief was to create an image with in a set frame that would still illustrate the subject of the image as well as employing a graphic strategie within the two series.  I chose to use the same subject as my earlier image series for one of my sets(textiles) as the resources were easy to access.


After experimenting with the use of two layers of halftone, one using dots and the other line, in my initial experiments for the previous series of images  I decided to employ the same strategie. To begin I cut out the parts of images that I wanted to keep as ‘real image’ and boosted the saturation, contrast and brightness to make sure they stood out against the back ground.

I started by looking at the images I had and trying to place a few in one of the frames to decide what would work well. I initially used an image of embroidery threads as the 55×40 then I realised the lines created by the cut outs of the separate threads would look better with less of the half tone background. thread-blog

For the 100×55 image I had a photograph that i thought would work quite well as the subject was near to the dimensions of the frame. Using the same process of cutting out elements of the photograph, using a blue high contrast half tone line pattern with 70% opacity on an the original image then placing a red dot half tone pattern underneath to create a purple/grey colour abstract background. I then followed this process for the rest of the images in the series.

blog-thisMy final composition sits in a ‘staircase’ sort of way, I think this layout groups the images making them look more like a series. At the project review I realised I could have been more playful and experimented more before deciding on this for the final composition.

SET 2- Baking 

After taking photos of a baking scene i decided to pick a colour out of one of the images and create layers of slightly transparent shapes using the pen tool and paths much like the digital screen print project. after defining shapes in the image i set the original image to a black half tone dot pattern. For all 4 images I used the contrast set at 36 and for all but one the size set at 2. The image with the buns and mug in the background has the size of the half tone dots set at 1 because at 2 it was too striking and abstracted the background too much. The biggest challenge of this set of images was their placement on the a3 page as I was limited because i couldn’t change the size of an image to make it ‘fit’ within a composition. Initially I tried to group them like the previous series but it looked too uniform so I tried this arrangement:

blog-this-2-1The images are aligned at some points; the top and right edges making sure there is some order  however there doesn’t seem to be enough white space around the smaller image so I tried spacing them out and slightly rearranging:blog-1-5I think the space around the image works better in this second composition, giving the images enough breathing space.


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