What is Writing

Writing to me is a way of conveying ideas, communicating, showing/sharing emotions. BUT how does writing differ from dialect? written language seems to always be more formal however not always for instance text language is rarely formal. It was suggested in the discussion that you have more control over written language as there is more thought as to what is being said and there is possibility to edit/ redo sentences.  In written language there isn’t usually a present audience – you usually write with someone in mind and commonly there is no immediate reaction to what you write like there is with a conversation – no to and throw.

Emotions stirred by the idea of writing differed across the discussion with my personal feelings being mostly dread/ apprehension towards producing coherent writing because i find it difficult to get ideas from my head onto screen/paper. Others found the idea of writing exciting, relaxing and relief to be able to get the ideas and thoughts out into a physical form, which I do understand but the feelings of dread overwhelm the feelings of relief in my case. I think the dread also comes from the fear that the ideas I am trying to explain will be lost on the audience.


When writing start with a point – develop this with arguments and evidence – say how the evidence makes the point significant.

When writing use empathy – consider the needs of the reader – what info do they need to be given in order to understand the point you are trying to make. – consider your writing as a form of sculpture, consider what works well together/ in comparison with each other.

CYBORG IDENTITY – writing within technology – social media and text makes us shallow, we only ever skim or surface read subjects as there is so much info out there now – articles and such that we only dip into them – A DANGER OF OUR CYBORG IDENTITY


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