Image in movement/ time – David Hockney

David Hockney’s series of works entitled “joiners” combines separate images to create a borderless image. The single images joined and overlayed follow the events in the images creating movement and narrative as they show the different stages of the unfolding situation; showing changes in emotions and movement. This is particularly evident in the piece “The Scrabble Game”

Hockney’s method removes the limitations of a stationary camera, it allows greater detail and an image that lasts longer than the capture of one image. The nature of the method allows Hockney to be selective in what the audience see of a situation – probably what he deems most important to the narrative/ meaning of the image, for example in the piece “Photographing Annie Leibovitz While She Is Photographing Me” the footsteps are shown whereas the ground around them is not, Hockney is able to change the borders of the image to include/exclude what makes the image.

To try and emulate this style in my own work I am going to focus on the idea of the image being borderless and to capture movement.


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