Image as a Series 1

Working in pairs we decided on two subjects for a ‘summer course’ for these summer courses we had to design a set of three or more images to illustrate the text explaining the course. We chose baking and a textiles/ sewing course as we would be able to gather the materials needed to take photos of relatively easily. Starting with the baking images we tried lots props and finalised images of a stack of bun cases, a view of the kitchen and some fairy cakes.  For the second set we photographed my flatmates sewing supplies as they were easily accessible.

The second course, textiles, was a trickier shoot due to lighting issues and lack of a decent camera however some of the images were good to use. I took this set of images whilst Angharad focused on the other. After trying various outline, dropping a coloured background between layers I decided to to use the half-tone filter twice, one red dots and the other blue lines when I changed the opacity of the blue layer it made a purple that seemed to fit the mood of the image. However, this made the image too vague so I used the cutout filter to add a background of some sort but still the image was not really illustrating a sewing/ textiles course. After this I selectively cut out aspects of the image for example in the image of the sewing station I cut out the sewing machine and box, the thread tin, pin box and the sewing machine. Having these parts of the image on top of the various filters looks really interesting and I think it effectively shows the concept of the course. I used the same filters, colours and order of the layers for each image in this set to create a stylistic consistency within the set.




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