Photoshop for Screenprint

In this mornings session I explored the different methods of editing an image to make it better for screen printing. Using an image taken last week to illustrate ‘concrete jungle’ I changed the contrast and brightness after converting the image from colour to grey scale as well as using the colour halftone option which creates a ‘dot like’ image that abstract the original image (first image) secondly i looked at using the filter gallery, one of the most effective filters I found was the ‘ink outline’ which creates a high contrast dramatic image (Second image). screen print development.jpg After exploring the different options in terms of filters, brightness & contrast and adjusting the levels I have used different blending options to merge the edited images with the original. However I don’t think i will use this image as a final outcome for printing as I’m not sure whether or not he images dark spots are too dark. I will work on other images taken last week and find the most suitable image to use in print.


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