Type Specimen Poster

About the designer
Robert Slimbach is an American type designer, calligrapher and photographer who after working in a small screen print shop designing posters and cards designed the Minion type face for Adobe which was released in 1990. Slimbach primarily designs type of digital onscreen uses and much of his inspiration comes from the elegance of type in the renaissance period. Slimbach now directs the Adobe type design program as well as designing other typefaces such as Adobe Garamond an d Myriad.

About the type face
Minion is classified as an Old-style typeface due to its relatively high x-height, horizontal bar on the lower case ‘e’ and a low contrast in stroke weight. The typeface is also characterised by an upright axis. Slimbach combines elements of baroque style lettering in a modern format with every character being designed to maximise legibility. Each weight can accommodate small caps and minion is one of the most complete serif fonts available. The typeface contains more glyphs than most others including ‘swashed’ letters to add emphasis or flare to words especially at display size.

Due to Minion’s legibility it has been widely used in newspapers, novels and more recently university documentation as well as company logos for example DreamWorks.  The second edition of the book “The elements of Typographic style” written by Robert Bringhurst, also known as the typographer’s bible, is set in Minion.

Get to Know a Typeface! Minion



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