Things Can be Otherwise

An introductory session into the themes we will investigate throughout the first term of constellation. The four topic areas are

  • Knowledge – what is knowledge? how is it gained?
  • Technology – how tools shape us? are we cyborgs? what is technology?
  • Writing
  • The Self

A formative assessment of around 1000 words to be handed in on 8th December.

After an introduction into what we would be discussing during the 8 weeks.


Modern – 1637 – Descartes
“I think therefore I am”
Beginning to depart form religion and think for your’e self – become autonomous – depart from the idea of God.

Modernity – 1760 – 1830 – industrial revolution
Mechanised – ingenuity – humans beginning  to create and produce on a mass scale.

Modernism – 1870 – 1950 – Reaction to modernity in art
Reactions to the development during the industrial revolution and how art was producing things people had never seen before or that technology couldn’t.

Post Modernism – 1960 on wards – Reaction to the excess of Modernity and Modernism



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