Six Word Story 1.1

I have chosen to use two fonts form the Dalton Maag website which are VViato and Dedica as they’re both well designed and different enough to produce an interesting letter form when combined. After spending time developing the lettering through cutting up letters and also tracing over the original type faces I decided to cut up letter forms and create my own letters. I chose this method as it creates a ram-shackled look that works in accordance with my sentence especially ‘witches’ and ‘eradicates’ . I have found that this method works especially well when I combined upper and lower case, which makes attracts focus to the two most important words on the poster. I experimented with two different layouts but opted for landscape and I have inverted the poster as it creates a darker more witch like mood about the poster somewhat dark and  dingy.


Upon reflection and a group tutorial I have realised that the layout of my poster is no where near as considered as the hybrid letter forms this is even more evident in the inverted version of the poster, to improve the poster I need to spend time and experiment on the way the words sit on the page.


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