Six Word Story 1.0

After visiting the Quentin Blake exhibition at the National Museum and after some personal research I’ve shortlisted ideas for the Roald Dahl six word story brief; ‘Balding witches can’t wear pretty shoes’, ‘mouse eradicates worlds witches then dies’which are both from “The Witches”. Whilst discussing ideas with my peers and tutor during group tutorial I have finalised my 6 words – ‘mouse ERADICATES worlds witches..then dies’. I’ve played around with different layouts and of the words and decided the word ERADICATE needs to be the most dominating on the page and look as though it is taking over, as the word insinuates, this would contrast with the small more rounded type of mouse and world. Whilst witches needs to look ugly and grotesque, to not undermine the mouses triumph and to add humour to the poster i have decided that ‘then dies’ will be minuscule in comparison to the rest of the text.



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