Goddesses and Monsters – Glamour and desirability


The qualities that signify glamour according to the writings of Dyhouse and Brown are a body adorned with rich luxurious materials like silk, satin and fur embellished with glitter, diamonds and jewels to make the body shine as well as their tactility and attractive nature. Pygmalions woman’s silky smooth skin links with this idea of white porcelain and ivory smoothness that contains a purity. A red lip and heavy makeup to eventuate the beauty and detract from the not so glamorous parts. Traditional images of glamour are black and white to emphasise the light and shade and the glowing nature of a glamourous woman.  The idea of glamour is not natural it is rooted in artifice and takes a lot of effort and creates a sense of the glamourous to be unattainable to the average person. Sexual sophistication and using passive sexuality not attract attention also plays a part in an image of glamour, this comes with a feeling of confidence and opulence a ‘devil may care’ attitude. Furthering this idea of the unattainable it is said that the glamourous woman holds a supernatural power, she is is extraordinary and out of this world.

The textures and forms that characterise traditional femininity are the fair and unblemished surfaces, like Pygmalion’s woman, smoothness and softness plays a huge role. Fragile materials like ivory and porcelain are mentioned frequently and these materials have connotations of purity and ‘snowy white’ innocence, the untouched. This contrasts with the derogatory roughness of the granite prostitutes in Pygmalion’s myth.

Desirability is constructed in concealing and revealing concept, the erotic desire comes from the tease of the undress. Pygmalion dresses his statue just to undress it as that is where the desire lies, revealing  some and not all allows the mind to imagine what lies beneath. In most cases we have looked at the woman is a passive sexual object with the male being the active participant. Laced up corsets and the addition of extra layers just to spend more time taking the layers off.


Exhibition Development

After speaking with my peers I have a really strong idea of what the actual exhibition needs to show. I have decided that instead of just showing the general history of the building I am going to have photographs of different derelict buildings asking the visitors to decide for themselves should we redefine or redesign. This links back to the idea of empty buildings and the problems that this causes as Bradford has over a thousand empty premises.

And after showing the homepage I have designed to David I have decided that the logo and the imagery don’t match. The image I have used has the right type of gritty, edgy aesthetic and the logo is too ‘corporate’. I think I will go back to some handcraft method of generating things but make sure they are clean enough to be used in a professional way. I also think the more tactile looking things suit me and my practice better than a slick logo would.


Website design mock ups

Imitail idea is to have different elements layered on top of each other, this first version isn’t right as the higherarchy is all wrong with the title not packing enough of a punchwebsite 1.jpg

website 2.jpg

website 3

In the above version the images it too light to pack the punch that I want it to.


website 4

The image is looking better and I like the red box but it is still catching the eye first when I think the first thing you notice should be the name/ logo.

website 1 home page.jpg

This is the page im most happy with out of the different variations. I like the 2 tone colour palette and I think it has the right look for the type of project.

website 1 home page .1.jpg

Website research

Kenardlilly – this online portfolio caught my eye because of the overlaying textures with the mixture of photography and graphics. I think the white text works really well on top of the orgnised chaos behind.kennardlilly

The Carazo website by the liquid agency Melbourne shows the companies architecture work, it has a really nice use of white space which I think could work well for my site mock up. And I like the use of the shapes to show the scale of the work they have done, it’s a really interesting way of doing it. The 2 colours used work really nice in contrast with the rich images of the buildings and the overlaying text stand out really well.

CAroza architecture by liquidCAroza architecture by liquid2CAroza architecture by liquid3

Touch to sound workshop

The workshop showed how we can create narrative with sounds from a touchboard device that links to conductive materials. We chose to audio – ise the process of making a cup of  tea. We created a tin foil teacup, tea spoon and tea bag. Using sounds found from the internet. It was really interesting to see how sound and touch can be linked, it made a difference to the experience of hearing and seeing the same narrative.

It was really interesting to use the Touchboard technology and the relative simplicity of if made it enjoyable. I think that it will have a place in my projects as there is a really strong aesthetic of makeshift type work with the potential to use found objects.

Logo development

One visualisation that i showed during my presentation has a typo in it which I didn’t recognise because of my dyslexia, despite having a spell check programme on my laptop. The tutor pointed out that dyslexia isn’t an excuse (I wasn’t trying to use it as one) however if the spell check programme failed there’s not much else I can do other than get someone to check but this can be difficult when I’m working alone. Its also really difficult for me to actually recognise if something doesn’t look right. So going forward I need  to make sure there are things in place so this doesnt happen.redefine not redesign blackredefine not redesign red and black

After the presentation I know I need to somehow communicate with imagery the whole concept of the ‘rebrand’ of the building and space as now it looks like an empty building. It needs filling with something

colour and box logos1red inside logo+red with black under logo


logo development 1


version 2

I have decided to change the way I will write the name as a peer pointed out that it looked shouty and similar to a protest banner. I think having it in lowercase changes the tone and also how people will say it. I think it makes more sense to put the pause in with the comma otherwise its quite a vague statement. tone

lower case.jpg

Comparing this with the uppercase version, it doesn’t work as well so I’m going to carry on tweaking to see if that will make a difference. I tried the regular font not condensed like the above but it still isn’t working.

lower case reg.jpg

White text versions lower case whitelower case white condensehigher case white

I was getting stuck with this so I deleted some of the shapes and carried on working with the most interesting ones

simpler logo 1simple logo 2

The three below are my favourite so far as I think the colours work really well together and are picked form the images initially but the red has been brightened so it packs more of a punch.

simple grey.jpg

Simple simple.jpg

red text grey box bottom.jpg

This is the most successful variation of these types of logo just for the simplicity however I don’t know if the legibility is affected. But I think it does illustrate the redefinition of a space as its escaping the borders. I think they could work well as a set too which could be an interesting route.

version 5

version 6.jpg

basketball logo.jpg

basketball logo1.jpg

After coming back to the different designs I have decided to go with a trio of designs using the same shapes and colours, I think the visual style of the logos is strong enough to work in the three different versions. However I am open to this changing as I go on to designing the different elements of the project.

3 grey and red.jpg